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Watches and Wonders 2023 Day 3 Highlights Semrushtools

In a totally distracting and disarming move, Roger Dubuis had all kinds of robots on display in its stand, including a Boston Dynamics robot dog (that may just look like that robot because we didn’t ask) that attempted to make friends with everyone. The coming robotic apocalypse never looked so appealing… Similarly, Tudor stole the show from under its own novelties by turning its manufacture into a digital participant in its debut video. The video showcasing its new facility in Le Locle was deeply absorbing, besides being indicative of Tudor’s plan to go all the way on the METAS path. Speaking of which, Tudor does indeed have a whole slate of new models that will be available for wrists everywhere, including its second-ever METAS model, the Black Bay in 41mm. This watch seems like another step towards Tudor adopting this certification across its range. The firm is obviously able to control more of its production with the addition of the new manufacture. Still, production facilities and certifications do not mean any given watch will be a good one, which is why the new variations of the Black Bay GMT are key. We think Tudor is paving the way for big things, but that is only possible with more and more novelties that fire people up. 

While we have already paid our respects to more than two dozen brands, this story should close with TAG Heuer, where we discovered that we were both right and wrong about the Carrera. Yes, there is indeed a new Carrera in town, but the current model remains in the picture. This is similar to what happened when the new Aquaracer debuted in 2021, with both old and new versions of the same model family coexisting. The new 39mm model is quite the festive number, even earning itself the catchy glassbox moniker (TAG Heuer proposed this themselves and the Internet took the bait, even though it is a bit confusing, but we can think of nothing better ourselves), and even sports an evolved version of the automatic calibre Heuer 02 called the TH20-00. It is all a bit mysterious since there are two models here, with date windows on opposite ends of the dial, and thus two variations of the calibre, which is a reasonable assumption. As always, it would not be a watch fair if we left with more answers than questions, but we have the rest of 2023 to figure it out. 



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