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Xiang cuisine is another name for Hunan cuisine. Hunan cuisine is popular not only in Hunan Province but throughout China. Hunan cuisine can also be found in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. 

Hunan cuisine, like most Chinese cuisine dishes, is known for its flavourful and spicy taste, as pepper is the most important condiment. 

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Shandong Cuisine / Lu Cuisine

Shandong cuisine is ranked first among China’s eight great cuisines, so it must be tasty! Shandong cuisine, also known as Lu cuisine, is a type of Chinese cuisine. It is the only self-originated cuisine among the eight Chinese cuisines with a 2,500-year history, resulting in a truly authentic and historical taste.

Shandong dishes are known to be inspired by good quality and natural taste of food, and the number of details you may find in a single dish will surprise you! To know that you’re served a Shandong dish, Simply look for these seasoning essentials in any dish. Soup and scallions are important, and we must not overlook the importance of seafood. Finally, most Shandong dishes have a fresh, savoury, and moderately salty flavour.

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Zhejiang Cuisine / Zhe Cuisine

The name suggests where the cuisine originated. Popular in Zhejiang, Zhejiang cuisine is frequently lightly seasoned, and as the famous saying goes, the eye eats before the mouth, so most of their dishes are visually appealing. 

Zhejiang cuisine chefs prefer fresh food materials such as seafood, freshwater fish, and seasonal vegetables. To make their dishes even more perfect, they are extremely picky about the raw materials they use.

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Fujian Cuisine / Min Cuisine

Non-greasy dishes can be found in Fujian cuisine, which originated in Fuzhou, Fujian. Chinese cuisine is known for being fresh, light, mellow, and grease-free!

Rich food materials are used in Fujian cuisine because the majority of the ingredients are fresh from the land or sea. Red vinasse, sugar, and vinegar are common seasonings. Fujian cuisine, like Jiangsu cuisine, emphasises cutting techniques.

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Anhui Cuisine / Hui Cuisine

Hui cuisine is well-known for its salty dishes. Hui dishes are popular in Anhui Province and have a salty, fresh, and light flavour from the ingredients. 

Because multiple ingredients with varying nutrition are scientifically matched, the dishes are known to be healthy and nourishing to the body.

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Cantonese Cuisine / Guangdong Cuisine / Yue Cuisine

Cantonese cuisine is well-known all over the world and is considered to be representative of Chinese cuisine. Cooking techniques in Cantonese are always sophisticated, adaptable, beautifully crafted, and creative.

Cantonese dishes are extremely rich in food materials, which include poultry, birds, seafood, and various vegetables and fruits. You should know that most Cantonese dishes taste mild and fresh, preserving the natural flavour of food ingredients.

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Jiangsu Cuisine / Su Cuisine

Jiangsu dishes preserve a significant amount of the original flavour of the ingredients. Jiangsu cuisine, a representative of South Chinese cuisine, is famous for its tender dishes and lightly sweet, umami, natural, and mild flavour. 

Freshwater fish, river fish, and seafood are the primary food sources. The cutting is beautiful and varied, and the heat control game is fantastic. Expect the food to be served as an edible art piece.

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You’ll Want To Eat on a Daily Basis

We’re sure you can tell which dish is from which cuisine now that we’ve discussed the different 8 Chinese cuisines. Now, let us discuss the 10 Chinese dishes that are a must-try because they are both traditional in Chinese cuisine and delicious.

Fried Rice (chǎofàn)

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

Rice is a common ingredient in Chinese cuisine, so it makes sense that fried rice is the first authentic Chinese dish on our list. Chinese fried rice is a meal that will serve the entire family. 

The nutritious meal can include anything from protein (chicken, pork or prawns) to vegetables (carrots, mixed vegetables). How do you make this simple dish? In a wok, combine the garlic, ginger, scallions, scrambled eggs, and minced protein, then finish with boiled rice. It’s easy to prepare, and the best-fried rice is always leftover rice.

You may have come across Yangzhou fried rice and wondered what the difference was between it and regular fried rice. The difference between Yangzhou fried rice and regular fried rice is that the Yangzhou style always includes a protein combination. Yangzhou uses a variety of proteins as the dominant ingredient in fried rice rather than a single protein like prawns, pork or chicken.

Kung Pao Chicken (Gong Bao Ji Ding)

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

The following dish is a well-known Sichuan-style speciality that is popular among both Chinese and foreigners. Diced chicken, and dried chilli, with ginger, garlic, capsicum peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and peanuts, are the main ingredients.

Kung Pao Chicken is probably the most popular Chinese dish outside of China; therefore, if you’ve tried it before, it may not have been an authentic and traditional dish; instead, it may have been westernised slightly. Because of the Sichuan peppercorns, the truly authentic Chinese dish is fragrant, spicy, and slightly mouth-numbing.

Keep in mind that the Kung Pao sauce, which binds all of the ingredients together, has two layers of flavour. The dried red peppers and scallions, for example, give the dish a little kick with each bite. The second layer is a perfectly balanced mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar. As a result, in just one bite, your mouth will be flavour-filled.

Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)

Top 10 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try!

If you like pork, you will fall in love with this Chinese dish. When you read about this dish, you may wonder if you can substitute it with another protein, such as chicken or beef; well, only if you make it at home; however, if you have it at a restaurant, it will most probably contain pork, with the option of pork loin, belly, or butt.

Char siu is a method of flavouring and cooking barbecued meat, particularly pork. Char Siu, which literally means “fork roasted,” is a Cantonese dish that is skewered and cooked in an oven or over a fire.

Ingredients such as honey, five-spice powder, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and red fermented bean curd are almost always included in the seasoning to achieve the signature red colour. This mouthwatering dish can be served alone, with noodles, or inside a baozi, a type of steamed stuffed bun.



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