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Summer Drink Recipes to Try in Your Lumina Home Semrushtools

Summertime is here once again! As the temperature rises, most of us are looking for ways to cool down and refresh. Besides going to the beaches and inland resorts, we usually consume a lot of refreshing cocktail drinks to keep us hydrated. But while drinking plenty of water is a must, it’s worth trying some of the most recommended summer cocktails and drinks, especially if you live in a steamy house and lot in the Philippines.

Fortunately, the Philippines is abundant in fresh fruit refreshments you can genuinely enjoy. No matter where your affordable house and lot is located, besides iced tea and lemonade, there’s always one perfect summer drink you’ll definitely want to try.

Mango Shake

Mango is the national fruit of the Philippines and is available in abundance during the summer months. One of the country’s most popular summer drinks is the mango shake, made by blending ripe mangoes with crushed ice, evaporated milk, and sugar. The result is a thick and creamy drink that is bursting with sweet mango flavor. Simply blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy, and then serve in a tall glass with a straw.

Buko Juice

Buko juice, also known as coconut water, is a refreshing and hydrating drink popular all year round in the Philippines, especially during the hot summer months. Buko juice is made from the clear liquid inside young green coconuts and is packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for keeping you hydrated. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut off the top of the coconut and pour the liquid into a glass. You can drink the buko juice as is or add a little sugar or lime juice for extra flavor.


Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert that is perfect for hot summer days. The word “halo-halo” means “mix-mix” in Tagalog and is made by combining a variety of sweet ingredients, including shaved ice, evaporated milk, sweet beans, jellies, and fruits. Layer the ingredients in a tall glass, starting with the shaved ice and ending with a drizzle of evaporated milk on top. Mix everything with a spoon and enjoy!

Sago’t Gulaman

Sago’t gulaman is a popular Filipino beverage made with sago pearls, agar jelly, and brown sugar syrup. This drink is often served at fiestas and other special occasions, but it is also a refreshing thirst quencher on hot summer days.

Boil the sago pearls in water until they become translucent, and then drain and rinse them with cold water. Boil the agar jelly in water until it dissolves, and then mix it with the sago pearls. In a separate pot, boil the brown sugar and water until it becomes syrup. Mix the syrup with the sago and agar mixture, then serve with ice cubes.

Calamansi Juice

Calamansi is a small citrus fruit that is commonly used in Filipino cuisine. It has a tart and tangy flavor that is perfect for refreshing summer drinks. Calamansi juice is made by squeezing the juice from the fruit and mixing it with water and sugar. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, and then serve over ice.


Samalamig is a traditional Filipino dessert drink perfect for hot summer days. It is made by combining different kinds of jellies, sweetened fruits, and other ingredients in a tall glass filled with crushed ice. Then, drizzle sugar syrup over the top and mix everything. The result is a colorful and refreshing drink that is perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Pineapple Cooler

Pineapple is another popular fruit in the Philippines, and it makes a delicious base for a refreshing summer drink. The pineapple cooler is made by blending fresh pineapple chunks with ice, sugar, and water. Mix all ingredients until smooth and creamy, and then serve in a tall glass with a straw.

Dalandan Juice

Dalandan juice is a sweet and tangy drink made from the juice of the native Philippine orange, the dalandan. It is a perfect drink for summer. All you need is to squeeze the juice from dalandan fruits. Mix the dalandan juice with water and sugar to taste. Fill a glass with cubed ice and pour the dalandan juice mixture over the ice.

Coconut Shake

Coconut shake is a creamy and refreshing drink made by blending fresh coconut meat with ice, milk, and sugar. It is perfect for hot summer days and is a popular drink in the Philippines. What you need to do is scoop out the fresh coconut meat and put it in a blender. Add ice, milk, and sugar to the blender. Blend until smooth and creamy, then pour the coconut shake into a glass.

Avocado Shake

This creamy and refreshing shake is made with ripe avocado, milk, sugar, and ice. It’s a perfect summer treat for avocado lovers, and making one is also handy. You just scoop out the flesh of the avocado and put it in a blender. Add milk and sugar to the blender. Blend until smooth, add ice to the blender, and blend again until smooth and creamy.

Watermelon Shake

Made with fresh watermelon, milk, sugar, and ice, this shake is a refreshing and fruity drink perfect for hot summer days. Just cut watermelon chunks in a blender, add milk and sugar, and blend until smooth. Add ice to the blender and blend again until smooth and creamy.

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