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Spotlight: Mochi’s Top 8 Asian American Bloggers Semrushtools

From personal diary musings to blogs that cover a variety of topics—from lifestyle, fashion, and beauty to design, food, and comedy—these top bloggers boast hundreds of thousands of fans and followers, giving Michelle Phan a run for her three million subscribers. Here’s to the next big thing.

Joy Deangdeelert Cho wears many hats as a graphic designer, blogger, food enthusiast, product design consultant, mother, and wife. If you love seeing fun and interesting prints, clean and simple designs, or basically anything design-, food- and fashion-related, Cho is your girl. Pinterest lovers will quickly develop an obsession with her blog, as she posts at least once a day about great finds. Cho has also authored Blog, Inc., a book about how to start a successful blog and co-written Creative, Inc., about starting your own freelance creative career. She also serves as the Market Editor for Anthology magazine and has worked with clients like Microsoft, Winter Water Factory, Tiny Prints, Wedding Paper Divas, and Hygge & West Chronicle Books. Did we also mention that we’re obsessed with her cute toddler daughter, Ruby?

Chriselle Lim is someone with style we love to envy. With countless designer clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry at her disposal, Lim works as a fashion wardrobe stylist when she’s not busy being a YouTube star. She has worked with Michelle Phan, Nicole Richie, Victoria’s Secret, Coach, Banana Republic, Tiffany & Co., and Rachel Roy. She is currently the number one fashion expert on YouTube, with more than 300,000 subscribers.

Aimee Song is an interior designer and blogger based in Los Angeles, and it was Song’s funky, edgy, and refreshing personal style that got our attention. Her incredible ability to mix and match colors, prints, and basics gives us an “a-ha” moment every time we see one of her outfits. A darling of the fashion world, Song is the girl everyone wants to get to know. Her lustworthy wardrobe and home furnishings have recently been featured on The Coveteur, an online magazine that takes you inside the homes and closets of some of the most popular tastemakers, fashion icons, and celebrities.

If there were an award show for The Most Instagram-Worthy Food Photos, Anjali Shah’s Picky Eater blog would dominate all categories. Raised a health nut in the organic-food-buying, farmer’s market-driven food culture of San Francisco, Shah says she started her blog because her husband was a picky eater. While she grew up eating whole-wheat pasta and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, he was raised in Chicago, a city that has a soft spot for deep-dish pizza and char-dogs. So when they got married, she had to learn how to prepare comfort food that used healthier ingredients but tasted just as good. Naturally, her daily challenges of cooking food that her husband would enjoy eating quickly became the inspiration behind her blog.

Lynn Chen is a familiar name to Mochi Magazine. In 2011, she and Lisa Lee launched Thick Dumpling Skin, a blog where Asian Americans could openly and anonymously discuss their struggles with eating disorders and body image issues. But before her Thick Dumpling Skin days, Chen had already started her own food blog, called The Actor’s Diet, as a way for her to overcome her own eating disorder. The blog chronicles her daily food adventures in a very real way, showing that actors, actresses, and celebrities are human, too, and sometimes they do enjoy a burger and a cupcake—and that that’s okay.

The eldest daughter of Amy Chua, author of the infamous Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, proves haters wrong. The Harvard student shows you can have it all—intelligence, talent, beauty, and wit—even when your mom’s book overshadows all. Sophia’s blog covers a variety of topics, including reasons why she votes and stories of her trip to China. What makes Chua’s blog different from other blogs of celebrity children is that it truly is a diary of the day in the life of a college student—it’s personable and relatable, not the tale of a student who spends most of their days cooped up in the library studying, devoid of experiencing a real college life, that you might expect from the typical tiger child.

Melly Lee has photographed some of the most notable Asian Americans in media and entertainment, including David Choi, Clara C, and Marie Digby. While her portraits are her most fascinating work, she also photographs editorials, landscapes, and people jumping off the ground in a series she calls, well, “Off the Ground.” Based in Los Angeles, Lee manages to capture not only the personality of her subject in her work, but the culture and emotion of the place where it’s photographed.



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