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Rolex Daytona VS Rolex GMT: Which is the Best? Semrushtools

We create detailed and comprehensive watch comparisons. These insightful comparisons are straight to the point and done in an easy-to-read format to quickly determine which one of these two Rolex watches is the best for them.

Common Features

  • Both the GMT and the Cosmograph Daytona use an in-house Rolex movement.
  • Both watches have a decent power reserve. The Cosmograph Daytona has a slightly higher one though.
  • Both have a “Cerachrom” bezel insert which is made of a very durable and hardened ceramic that is resistant to scratches. Additionally, Cerachrom is anti-corrosive and its color doesn’t fade when exposed to UV rays for extended periods of time.
  • Both have the Easylink 5mm adjustment extension link.
  • Patented “Triplock” crown which locks the crown down the Oyster case making it as tight as a submarine hatch.
  • Bracelet fitted with the patented Easylink 5mm extension link allowing a quick 5mm extension or reduction to the bracelet size without the need of tools.
  • Both offer water resistance of 100m/330ft
  • Both of these Rolex watches have an Oyster bracelet
rolex gmt

Rolex GMT Master II

The most useful feature of the watches in this series is the Dual Time Zone function of the  GMT complication (AKA Zulu and Universal Time Zone) . This feature is not available on the Daytona Collection. It’s a very useful function which allows you to quickly see the time in another time zone. See the pros & cons.

What makes the GMT different from the Daytona?

 PROSGMT ComplicationThis complication allows you to see the time in a second time zoneCostPrice starts at about half the price of a DaytonaBezelThe bezel rotates both ways. Several widely collected two colored bezel options i.e. the “Pepsi” dial(Red & Blue), the “Coke” (Red & Black), and the “Batman” dial (Black & Blue)VisibilityMore luminous material is used on the GMT

 CONSStylesNot as many styles from which to chooseMaterial OptionsNot as many choices of precious metals (i.e. 18k yellow gold, Platinum, Rose Gold)ComplicationsThere’s no chronograph function like the Daytona seriesStrap OptionsDoesn’t have the choice of a leather strapBlingNo diamond models like the Daytona Cosmograph series

rolex cosmograph daytona

Rolex Daytona

Aside from the greater number of style options, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona offers something that the GMT won’t which is a stopwatch function known as a Chronograph complication. The pushers (buttons) on the top and bottom of the winding crown is the way that the chronograph is started, stopped and reset on the Rolex Cosmograph. For some this has a functional value. A chronograph is in general considered a sporty watch since it is often used to track best time by racing professionals and enthusiasts.



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