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Huracán Tecnica: Lamborghini’s Design And Engineering Expertise In One Semrushtools

This week, on 12 April, Automobili Lamborghini presented the striking Huracán Tecnica at the long-awaited return of the New York International Auto Show.

Premiered at the Lamborghini Lounge NYC, located in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District, the Huracán Tecnica was joined by chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann. Long-time customers of the Raging Bull, VIPs and media were also invited to the exclusive evening event, along with chief technical officer Rouven Mohr, chief marketing and sales officer Federico Foschini and head designer Mitja Borkert.Previous

For CEO Winkelmann, it was a unique moment for him to be back in the Lamborghini Lounge to reveal the new masterpiece while showcasing the brand’s ethos and design DNA.

“The Huracán Tecnica delivers the advanced evolution of the Huracan’s technical prowess with outstanding aerodynamics for heightened performance, stability and ease of use. These qualities make it the ideal, versatile car to drive both on the road and the track. In 2022, as we celebrate the internal combustion engine, the dramatically evolved design of the Huracán Tecnica delivers the physical sensation and extreme emotion that fans of the brand have come to expect from Lamborghini,” said Winkelmann.

Last year, the luxury sports brand reached a record-breaking result for sales, turnover and profitability. The US remains the largest single market globally with 2,472 vehicles delivered in 2021 and an 11 per cent increase since 2020. And now, the arrival of Huracán Tecnica marks a historic beginning to an exciting year.

The all-new supercar will be on display for public viewing from 15 to 24 April, at the New York International Auto Show.

Versatility And Innovation Throughout

Developed for pilots seeking driving fun and lifestyle perfection on road and track, the next-generation rear-wheel drive V10 is a slice of automotive heaven that has the best of both worlds. The Tecnica’s moniker personifies the advanced evolution of the Huracán’s distinguishable technical prowess — its innovation is seen both internally and externally. The new looks amplify aerodynamics for heightened performance, stability and ease of use, especially on a circuit.

Under the hood, its engine is taken from the Huracán STO with an increase of 30 CV over the Huracán EVO rear-wheel drive. The powertrain also delivers 565 Nm of torque at maximum 6,500 rpm and improved acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

More excitingly, the lightweight Tecnica features a recalibrated Lamborghini Dinamica Veicola Integrata (LDVI) system and distinctly tuned driving modes with specific suspension set-up, rear-wheel direct steering and innovative brake cooling improvements. The result allows for drivers to experience an immaculate Huracán for every occasion.



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