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Everything You Need To Know About Composite Marble & Stones Semrushtools

Composite marble, also known as engineered marble, has a unique charm and flawless beauty. Read further to know more about composite marble. Composite marble is an engineered/artificial form of marble manufactured out of a blend of 90% of natural stone marble, polyester resins, marble dust and stone particles, and pigments to generate natural-looking patterns in a wide variety of colours. 

Benefits Of Composite Marble For Your Home 

Durable and versatile composite marble enhances space with its strength, affordability, and endless design possibilities
White composite marble with 3D accent wall looks splendid

How Do I Maintain And Clean Composite Marble?

You must know proper cleaning and maintenance methods if you want to maintain the look and feel of your composite marble. Here are a few suggestions that you can implement:

To maintain composite marble, use a clean cloth and lukewarm water to wipe it down
Wipe composite marble with lukewarm water and a clean cloth

Can Composite Marble Be Repaired If It Gets Damaged?

Composite marble is a highly sought-after material in today’s times. It can be repaired to a nearly new condition if the transparent gel coat layer on the top is intact. However, sometimes composite marble can get damaged due to excessive wear and tear, but the happy news is that it can be easily repaired. 

Regular polishing can restore damaged composite marble shower walls
The shine of composite marble for shower walls can be retained with periodic polishing

Use The Following Methods To Repair The Damage Caused

If the scratches, burns and cracks on the composite marble surface are too deep, then you may require a professional restoration technician or a permanent replacement altogether.

Technique to repair composite marble in India: for removing scratches, cracks, burns, stains, and discolouration
An all-white composite marble bathroom looks fresh and light

Are There Any Safety Concerns Using Composite Marble?

There aren’t any such major safety concerns while using composite marble. Composite marble does not attract a lot of dirt/dust since the resin binders and pigments make the engineered stone more durable, rigid and less porous. Hence, composite marble can be used in areas with high-water exposure and moisture.

Composite marble safety concerns
Composite marble kitchen countertop evokes positive vibes

That’s all there is! While natural marble and stones are a gem, composite marble and stones are also a great alternative for creating a style statement in your home within an affordable budget. To know how best you can incorporate composite marble and stone in your home, contact the interior designers’ team at DesignCafe and we’ll guide you through the process and resolve all your doubts.



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