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When juiced in a high-speed juicer (or simply by hand and then whirred in the blender), pineapple is among the frothiest of fruits, making it an ideal candidate for the Garibaldi construction. Rather than Campari, the more gentian-forward génépy forms the base here, its bitter, herbaceous qualities countered by pineapple’s inherent sweetness. With its alpine-meets-tropical profile and fresh-pressed fluffiness, this reads like a breakfast-ready Chartreuse Swizzle. 

Pineapple Garibaldi
Blood Orange Garibaldi

The Blood Orange Garibaldi is a perfect example of the Mr. Potato Head approach to cocktails. To make it, simply swap the fluffy OJ of the original for more floral blood orange juice. To lean into the wintry vibe of the citrus, consider exchanging Campari for something with more pronounced spice, like Contratto. Any aperitivo liqueur will do, though, so experiment to find your ideal combination.

Blood Orange Garibaldi
Apple Garibaldi

Granny Smith is our apple of choice here, its tart qualities standing in for the expected citrus kick of the original. Splitting the liqueur quotient is a measure of manzanilla sherry and blanc vermouth, bringing a salinity and sweetness to the table, enhanced by a small boost of citrus-forward gin. We recommend storing the apples in the refrigerator prior to juicing to keep the ice from melting too quickly (or forgo ice altogether for a zippier alternative). 

Apple Garibaldi Recipe



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