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Arslan Ash and Co. Make Pakistan Proud by Winning Tekken 7 Mega Event Semrush Tools

In another awesome news for our country, Pakistan totally rocked the Gamers8 Tekken 7 Nations Cup, a mega three-day event with teams from 16 countries. 

Gamers8 Tekken 7 Nations Cup is an exciting esports tournament focused on the popular fighting game, Tekken 7. 

Our awesome team scored a flawless 3-0 victory against South Korea in the upper bracket finals, but that wasn’t the end of the battle between these two teams.

Surprisingly, South Korea made an epic comeback by winning the Losers’ Finals, earning themselves a spot in the grand finals. However, it was Pakistan who emerged victorious once again! Our team showed their true skills and claimed the ultimate victory.

We’re bringing home a whopping $500,000 out of the incredible $1 million prize money for clinching the championship. Pakistan has truly shown the world our gaming prowess!

Besides the main event, there was an exciting 1v1 competition featuring teams from the Losers’ bracket. Team Germany stole the show and emerged victorious in this $50,000 contest. 

They dominated the game with a flawless 3-0 win against Saudi Arabia, showcasing their impressive skills and teamwork. Germany proved their mettle and took home a well-deserved prize.

Arslan Ash, Atif Butt, and Khan Imran are the super-talented members of Pakistan’s team. 

Arslan is a highly accomplished Tekken player, with three EVO titles under his belt. He secured victories at the EVO Japan 2019 Championship and the Evo Championship Series 2019, making him the only player to win both tournaments. 

Arslan was recognized as the best E-Player of 2019 by ESPN and has also claimed the CEO 2021 Championship and the 2022 Combo Breaker Tekken 7 tournament title, defeating all ten of his opponents. 

Atif, on the other hand, is the reigning Tekken World Tour Finals champion, having emerged victorious in 2022 without a single loss in the tournament. 

Lastly, Khan achieved the impressive feat of being the runner-up at Evo 2022. Together, these players from Pakistan have left an incredible mark on the Tekken competitive scene.



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