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Let’s see a show of hands: Who has ever walked up to a magazine rack, thumbed through a Road & Track, Car and Driver or duPont Registry, and then looked up only to discover that a half hour has gone by?

Well, the vast network of quality car blogs on the Internet will cause you to do the same, only the effect is much stronger. You’ll Google something like the quarter-mile time for new Mustangs, click four or five times down the rabbit hole, then before you know it an hour of your life has passed.

The Truth About Cars
The Truth About Cars blog has a lot of great reading. The reviews and the industry news are great, but perhaps the coolest part about this blog is the Junkyard Finds section. At the time of writing, that list includes a 1990 Daihatsu Rocky and a 1966 Toyota Corona.

Left Lane News
The Left Lane News blog is one of the first places automotive news shows up. The team here does a great job staying on top of new car previews, plus the archive of reviews is solid.

Motor Authority
Motor Authority cuts right to the heart of what many of us want: Stories and photos of awesome cars. The focus here is luxury vehicles and sports cars, but there is just enough coverage of everyday cars that the blog doesn’t quite belong in our Drool-Worthy category below.


You will find a lot of updates and previews for new BMWs, but there is something on the site for just about every modern BMW model, as well. The blog turns six in May, which means the archives are dense with content.

BMW Blog
This blog looks slick. The photos are huge and plentiful, and the folks here post lots of fun rumors and spy photos of yet-unreleased models.
Benz Insider does a great job of really digging into company news and trying to break stories. If you would rather just look at cool photos of Benzes, though, they have those, too.

Note the slight spelling difference. Lambloghini has since begun to post irregularly, but if you dig through the archives there are tons of great photos and videos of Lambos. Don’t bookmark this one, but definitely have a long look through.

Another Audi blog, Quattroworld isn’t limited to coverage of its namesake model. In fact, there is an impressive amount of coverage just of Audi’s racing teams.

This blog is entirely dedicated to Nissan’s famous GT-R, whose Skyline models were only available in Japan, Oceania and the UK for years. Nissan has that awesome GT-R for sale in the States now, but those old Skylines are still super-rare. The archive here is eight years old and contains more than 2,000 posts. Enjoy digging through it.

Fiat 500 USA
By the end of 2012, Fiat had turned out one million of its famous 500s. This blog covers every imaginable aspect of this car — from reviews and news, to the 500’s rabid fandom, to those killer Abarth models. Bonus: There is also quite a bit of Alfa Romeo coverage here.

Classic Car Blogs

Any car enthusiast could spend days on this blog. The team here puts together same great-looking videos and high-quality posts about older and recent classic vehicles. They also trawl classifieds for awesome finds, like this $150,000 Pontiac GTO Judge.


Blog dos Carros Antigos
Don’t get hung up on the fact that the blog’s name is in Portuguese because the site is almost entirely photographs. Big, awesome old photographs, like this one.

Cars In Barns
Have you ever driven straight across, say, Kansas or Nebraska and thought about what old cars/bikes/treasures are in those old barns you see everywhere? Well, this blog provides those answers. At the time of writing, the most recent finds were a Torino GT, a Corvette Sting Ray coupe and a rusted-out ’61 Pontiac Ventura.

This is a blog entirely dedicated to traditional hot rods and customs. The focus here is high-quality photography and HD videos that help tell the individual story of each car. They also have some great-looking prints for sale.

World Rally Blog
Rally car fans, this is probably the slickest, most comprehensive independent site out there covering the World Rally Championship.

All Left Turns
News, analysis and a little bit of gossip from the world of NASCAR. In a sport whose coverage skews heavily toward big media, the All Left Turns blog’s take on racing makes for refreshing reading.

Celebrity Cars Blog
Do you find it irresistible when TV shows do tours of Jerry Seinfeld’s or Jay Leno’s garage? Then this is the site for you. Some of the posts can be a little mundane (“Sharon Osbourne in her Bentley!”), but it’s also cool to know that Kobe Bryant tried to sell his ’63 Impala on eBay.

Stance:Nation Tumblr
This is the infinite-scrolling photo blog from Stance:Nation, whose motto is “Form and Function.” If you are into lowered suspensions, cars almost scraping the pavement and wheels at funny angles — or if any of that description simply makes you curious — check out their Tumblr blog.



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