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4 Cool Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try This Summer Semrushtools

There’s nothing better than mixing your own refreshing cocktails to sip in the sun on a nice summer’s day. While classics like mojitos and margaritas are always reliable, and adventurous new cocktails with loads of ingredients are exciting to make, there’s a lot to be said for drinks that are different and easy to make.

It’s summer and it’s all about the barbecue. But, wait a second: we know that inside that foodie- ready to marinate with the best spices and grill like there’s no tomorrow- there’s a hidden mixologist waiting to shine. Because if you like food, you want the best ingredients and that applies to drinks, too.

When it comes to dining, pepper and salt are a power couple. But at the bar, salt tends to dominate while pepper is forgotten (save for a bloody mary). But now that’s changing: pepper is spicing up sweet, savoury, fruity, and earthy drinks. Below are our favourite cocktails that use seasoning perfection to balance flavours. Make them sans-booze for a delicious mocktail.  Enjoy!

 The elegant Raspberry Black Pepper Champagne Cocktail

This drink goes the extra mile with a rim dipped in a mixture of black pepper and sugar. Using raspberry puree, oranges, champagne, vodka, simple syrup, and topping with thyme and lemon, this cocktail makes a gleeful addition to a party or brunch.

raspberry lemon

The tropical Painkiller

Transport to an island in the sun with pineapple juice, coconut cream, rum, and orange juice. Rather than the called-for nutmeg, we use White Pipali Pearls to add a hint of complex spice that cuts the sweetness.

The sophisticated Dalmatian

Whip up a quick pepper-infused simple syrup and combine vodka with grapefruit juice. Don’t be fooled by the minimalism – this drink offers massive taste. Rather than black pepper, we use Red Kampot Pepper to add a hint of sweetness and colour.

Instructions for 1 cocktail

  1. Cut half the lime into 2 wedges
  2. Squeeze 1 wedge into the jar and drop in
  3. Add 5cl Smirnoff vodka to the jar
  4. Add 25g redcurrant jelly to the jar
  5. Fill the jar with ice, attach the lid and shake to mix and chill the ingredients
  6. Remove the lid and add half the Schweppes Ginger Ale to fill the jar
  7. Add a straw, a sprinkling of dried cranberries to garnish and enjoy!



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